• You'll Have More Time

  • More Energy

  • Boosted Confidence

  • More Money

“I’m now calmer and happier, I think I’m a nicer person to be around.”

Jo Watson

“I feel calm and a sense of control knowing that I have worked through every room. My self confidence has grown. I have now set more boundaries around myself and my workspace too.”

Helen Baker

“Our family is now closer than ever.”

Bryony Roberts

This course has transformed my life. Mostly in that I’m not spending all of my time cleaning and tidying. Things have a place to go, they get put in their place and certain things don’t even make it into my house. So I’m really conscious about what I’m bringing into my space and where I’m keeping things.

Sara Hayward

Tanya AKA The Girl who Simplified

Hi my name is Tanya...

Are you sick of just surviving?


These Women Had Lot's Of Quick Wins and Realisations

When Introduced To The Home Clearing Club Method


  • Module 1

    It all starts with WHY. Learn how to discover exactly what it is you want to achieve in this life and you how your home is holding you back from having that right now. We start at your front door.

  • Module 2

    To run a successful family, home and business, you must be a great leader. You will learn how to lead from the front, making a start on lots of those delayed decisions (clutter) in one of the most used rooms in your home.

  • Module 3

    We all have physiological needs. Food, Warmth, Water. Learn the importance of this for you and your family and how to make it not just easy but also fun. Creating a Kitchen that works for the whole family.

  • Module 4

  • Module 5

    Guest rooms, kids rooms. You will learn how to set these areas up for the other people that use your home. This is a fun and interactive module for the kids too, no matter their age from toddlers to grunting teens, we've got you covered!

  • Module 6

    Every home and business needs an HQ that works and is understood by everyone who uses it. Now you will learn how to create a dedicated work space and put systems in place to run everything efficiently.

  • Module 7

    It’s time to put all your new skills into practice in every area of your life and make a plan to keep moving forward. 

    This is just the beginning, now, the magic really starts to happen!

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The Girl Who Simplified and her boys

The process is simple but not always easy…

Lots of people have clear-outs every now and then, feel the initial benefits, but very soon are back in the same situation they found themselves before. That was me too!


I know that if this journey was easy to do by yourself, you would have done it by now, your home would be working for you, you would be healthier, happier, full of energy, have a successful business and have time for all the things you love.

But guess what, you're not alone. We all struggle, but you don't have to anymore.

Listen to some previous students share with you how normal it is to need a little help

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not alone. The majority of our students join us with this mindset and sign up under cover without telling anyone what they’re doing.


Truth be told, when you get just a couple of weeks into the course you will quickly realise the power of embarking on this journey with others and that, all your class mates feel the same at first.


Life often feels like such a battle and at times like the odds are stacked against us, outnumbered one to the world! This is never more true than in the task of keeping a home.


There’s a saying that ‘alone we can do so much but together we can do so much more’, and The Home Clearing Club is a true example of what is possible when you find your tribe and walk alongside other women towards a common goal.



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Kitchen with the Girl who Simplified

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” - Alexander Den Heijer